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Tavolo basso in vetro e tubolare d’acciaio verniciato a polvere. La forma ricercata del piedistallo, rappresenta l’equilibrio fra le sue parti creando una struttura autoportante e visivamente leggera. H.27 cm , L. 100 cm, W. 100 cm

27 x 100 x100 cm

Low table in glass and tubular powder coated steel. The study of his structure is the equilibrium between all the active parts, creating a visual lightness by his geometrical lines. It was by “Piet Mondrian” where it’s geometrical composition gives different interpretation in each point of view, without compromising the design, balance, stability and functionality.

27 x 100 x100 cm

– Selected by Wallpaper* magazine as “Case of Study”
– Selected By Thames & Hudson, Furnitecture 2015
– Selected by Chlorosphere as Trends 2015/2016


Prototype 2014