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The design of a traditional bar stool; a rounded triangle seat disc resting on top of three long, canted legs. A beam that morph as a single piece into the front legs and a narrow shaft that intersects the third, are mounted at about a third of their height from the floor, increasing the rigidity of the construction and also used as a comfortable footrest. The interpretation of this classic type is distinguished by its simple, unpretentious appearance, organic construction and harmonious proportions.


Sgabello in rovere dal design spontaneo e divertente è pensato in due diverse altezze, con seduta triangolare e bordi arrotondati che confluiscono comfort e stabilità. Tra le due gambe anteriori, nella versione da h 77 cm, corre una barra poggiapiedi in acciaio. Tre le finiture proposte: giallo, grigio antracite e naturale. Viene fornito assemblato.



Prototype 2013